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Automatic drain device

  • Yunzhi oil separation equipment (hgyzd-gy-ⅳ (t)-□)
Yunzhi oil separation equipment (hgyzd-gy-ⅳ (t)-□)

Yunzhi oil separation equipment (hgyzd-gy-ⅳ (t)-□)

  • MINI01A-2W+
  • constant current
  • MINI LED Lights
  • 2W+
  • Product description: Constant current MINI LED Lights-MINI01A-2W+
HGYZD-GY-VI Yunzhi Oil Separation Equipment adopts three-stage automatic slag removal and solid-liquid separation technology, and automatically discharges the residue into the slag collecting barrel, which effectively solves the problems of high water content of residue, easy blockage and difficult cleaning. The sewage after solid-liquid separation enters the oil-water separation area through the diversion pipe. By the gravity flow principle of light oil and heavy water, combined with the diversion design of the oil-water separation area and the air flotation device, the residence time of oil and water in this area is controlled and the oil-water separation speed is enhanced. Separated grease automatically flows into the oil collection bin through the oil scraping device, and is discharged into the oil collection barrel through the oil guide pipe. In order to prevent the grease from solidifying and caking, a constant temperature device is set in this area. Sewage flows into the lower end treatment device or sewage lifting equipment through the anti-siphon outlet pipe. Oil separation and lifting integrated equipment closely combines oil separation and lifting, and centrally controls and manages the two systems. After oil separation, the sewage will be lifted to the pipe network. Cloud intelligent control, management personnel can check the running status of equipment at any time through mobile APP, and alarm when the bucket is full. Factory online 7x24 hours remote monitoring operation, fault alarm maintenance recovery, etc. Advantages of equipment: fully automatic operation, good sealing, automatic slag removal, automatic oil scraping, air floating heating, cloud monitoring, accurate liquid level, thorough separation, etc.